Google And Samsung Licensing Agreement

“I`m not sure the agreement means Samsung can use Google patents and vice versa. But when they work together, it protects them from litigation, because the couple is a stronger unit. In recent years, a number of high-level and costly patent disputes have erupted between many major smartphone developers and manufacturers, one of the largest between Samsung and Apple, which has not yet been fully resolved. While this has happened, Google and Samsung have increasingly developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the vast majority of Samsung hardware, which runs a lighter version of Google`s Android operating system. Therefore, this patent licensing agreement between Google and Samsung is hardly surprising and is a continuation of Samsung`s lesser-known contracts with Microsoft, Nokia and Intellectual Ventures. In fact, it recalls the symbiotic relationship between Microsoft and Intel during the home pc era. Google and Samsung have clearly understood that cooperation would be more cost-effective than fighting billions of lawsuits. It is not clear what types of patents are shared by this agreement or against what threats these companies hope to defend themselves against. But in general, the agreement should help participants defend themselves against the patent role – companies that hold patents do nothing and only make money by complaining – and perhaps even other large technology companies if they find themselves in a standoff on intellectual property. The PAX Group writes that they believe the application “significantly reduces the risk of patents.” Last year, for example, Samsung and Nokia renewed a patent license agreement for an additional five years, while Apple and HTC also announced a 10-year licensing agreement in 2012.

Samsung and Google today officially announced a new cross-licensing patent agreement that covers a “broad range” of current and future patents over the next 10 years. Regarding the agreement, Google said they welcomed the agreement and added that by working with agreements like this, companies can reduce litigation potential and instead focus on innovation. Samsung`s Seungho Ahn says, “Samsung and Google show the rest of the industry that there is more to gain if you cooperate than to conduct unnecessary patent litigation,” a fairly clear shot at Apple, which has been blocked for years in patent lawsuits with Samsung and Motorola Mobility (before Google`s acquisition of the manufacturer). All Google los have the same tone: “By working together in these types of agreements, companies can reduce litigation potential and instead focus on innovation.” Samsung`s recent success, especially its Galaxy series of devices, was built on the Android platform and it seems that Google and Samsung are planning to continue this success by developing the next generation of smart devices. The patent agreement strengthens their already close relationship, including giving shareholders the certainty that future research and innovation will not be hampered by corporate patent litigation. “In the world of intellectual property, the patent break often coincides with innovation and healthy competition that benefits consumers,” writes Jamie Rosenberg, An Android Business VP at Google. “With the hope of such an advantage, we are announcing our latest patent initiative, which focuses on the patent truce we call PAX.” The patent agreement ends just before a 10-year agreement by Samsung to use Android, but also suggests that speculation about possible disagreements between the two companies may have been exaggerated, analysts said.