Rental Agreement For Wedding Items

The removal of rental property reserved in a customer`s rental agreement requires payment of the full rental price of that item, but the funds can be applied to other items or to the balance of the rent due. A 50% deduction of the TOTAL rental order is required to reserve your rental parts on the date and time indicated. The final payment of your rental agreement is due 30 days before the booked rental date. The balance of your rental booking includes the remaining 50% of your total rental. The final payment of the rent may also include: adapting the cost of pickup/installation/delivery to the event; all special services required and all rental inventory supplements at the original rental booking. If the balance of your rental booking is not paid before 30 days before your event, we reserve the right to cancel the booking due to lack of payment and your deduction will not be refunded. If you do not pay the rent booking balance 30 days before your rental date, this may result in a 15% late fee. An additional 15% calculated on the total amount of the rental booking is added to your balance due. If you do not pay the balance of the rental booking within 7 days of your event, this may result in an additional 30% charge on the total balance of rent due. According to the Uniquely Chic Vintage Rental Rental Reservation Agreement, the confirmation of a customer rental order requires 50% of the total rental credits received/paid at the time of booking.

This payment is a retention of Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals services and inventory of the desired event date. If a customer needs another payment structure, Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals works on a case-by-case basis with each customer to formulate a payment option acceptable to both parties. During the rental period, you agree to adjust the use of the device as soon as it becomes dangerous or you observe it in a state of degradation. You will immediately notify BWR of the danger and will continue to take appropriate measures to prevent people and property from suffering injury or damage until our representatives personally release you from liability for the objects. You must pay the full booking fee to confirm your rental booking. If you have to cancel a reservation already booked, you accept the cancellation fee of: Rescheduling an event a second time, can lead to additional costs, liquidated damages, such as.B. not limited to; Services already provided, such as consulting fees, planning services, employee schedule, rental vehicles, preparation/purchase of inventory.contract revision (s), personnel services, reprogramming fees, delivery, installation and pickup staff allocation, booking fees for truck rentals, preparation/packing costs, travel costs, fuel increases, and fuel increases. 6. DAMAGE WAIVER PLAN. The waiver of damages is possible for this rental transaction for an additional fee.

If the customer agrees to abandon the damages, Something Vintage Rentals, LLC waives its right to recover from the customer any money that goes beyond the amount that was paid to the customer as part of the customer`s insurance coverage for the retail costs required to repair or repair rent-in need of rent that is damaged or destroyed while in the customer`s possession, provided that the customer immediately informs Something Vintage Rentals, LLC of any accident, loss or damage.