Wix User Agreement

In the United States, the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) requires the company to contain a privacy policy when personal data is collected and used by a user in the state of California. You are responsible for your actions and the actions of everyone who accesses your account or user platform settings. Our users are solely responsible for the information of their users, including their legality, security and integrity. To be able to use some of our services, you need to create a user account. You should protect and protect your username and password and allow only people you trust to access your account or website settings. All activities that take place under your user account or on your website are your responsibility. We may also collect the personal data of visitors and users of our user`s websites or services (“users”), only for and on behalf of our users (as described in section 6 below). retro-look-up, trace, or try to track another user of Wix services, or otherwise disrupt or violate other users The right to privacy or other rights, or personally collect or collect identifiable information about visitors or users of Wix services and/or the user platform without their explicit and informed consent; Personal data includes all information that can be used to identify a user, z.B. A date of birth, email address, first or last name, private address, IP address and other data. Reading Wix`s terms of use and privacy policy is essential. They are subject to important requirements, including those arising from Wix`s privacy policy: Wix recommends its users to adhere to a privacy policy, is part of their obligation to comply with the laws they must comply with. Payment information in farm to Fork`s Privacy Policy is included in Section 4 on Wix and users are informed of Wix.com encryption and security functions for the protection of financial information. Invoices for our paid services are available on your account.

Although wix does not require a data protection declaration, a data protection declaration is required by law. If your website or app created by Wix collects and uses users` personal data, you must have a privacy policy in accordance with the law. You can`t change your user information or transfer your Wix Payments account without allowing it in advance. These Wix.com terms of use (“conditions of use”), as well as these additional conditions that apply specifically to some of our services and features as presented on the Wix.com(s) (s) (s) (s) (s) (s) (“Wix Site”) and together – the “Wix Conditions,” all the conditions that apply to each visitor or user (“user” our “you”) of the Wix site, wix mobile app (“Wix App”) and/or other services, applications and features we offer on this subject, unless we expressly give something else (all services offered by the Wix site or via the Wix app, Wix services or “services”). (v) Exceptions to the Conciliators Agreement. You or Wix, if you are eligible, can file claims in a court in San Francisco County, California or a county in the United States where you live or work (as long as you reside in the United States). Any party may remediat a cease and desopitance action solely to prevent the misuse or misuse of Wix Payments or intellectual property violations (. For example, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or patents) without first resorting to arbitration or the informal dispute resolution procedure described above.