Outsourcing Agreement Malaysia

This is possible thanks to reliable and automated HR processes, supported by our own WECARE™ technology. In addition to massive recruitment, our HR outsourcing solutions in Malaysia also cover: in each HR department, employees are not only responsible for the contract or temporary recruitment of new employees, but they also have to monitor the various administrative functions, from the pay slip to the management of staff leave. Outsourcing these functions to a specialized contract worker outsourcing agency in Malaysia can support the final outcome of the organization. As an international HR recruitment and outsourcing agency in Malaysia, BGC Group identifies and develops effective solutions to support organizational structures and reduce general inefficiencies in companies. From contract and temporary planning and management to payroll car parks and general HR services, companies come to us for quality outsourcing solutions. Does your company need effective help in managing your contractual and temporary processes and HR management? If you would like to outsource many of your HR departments to Malaysia, contact our team today. Our HR & Manpower outsourcing capabilities allow us to efficiently perform a full range of HR tasks and functions that will help you achieve better cost savings as a company in Malaysia. “service contract” means any verbal or written agreement, express or implied, in which one person undertakes to employ a person other than the worker and the other agrees to serve his or her employer as a worker and includes a training contract; For employers, the retirement age clause is important because of the financial impact. Employers can choose to continue to employ former workers or pay high severance pay if they decide to terminate the service of these workers.

This is especially difficult for employers who don`t do well in their business. The law stipulates that severance pay should not be paid if the retirement age is set. Did you already know that? Outsourcing your Malaysian recruitment and HR functions can help your Malaysian businesses minimize the risks associated with manual contract work and reduce the focus on administrative processes. `The employer shall provide a certified copy of the information referred to in Rule 5(b);` Points 14 and 15 concerning the transfer or retirement age must be taken into account. The law on these two points is as follows: in knowledge of this risk, some employers may be tempted to establish a new employment contract with such transfer and retirement age clauses to existing workers. Therefore, workers should only accept the new contract after seeking legal advice or consulting the employment agency. If you outsource the necessary HR services in your company to service providers like us in Malaysia, you can reorient your long-term business strategy. Their administrative tasks, which are also laborious, are in good hands of technology. (a) by an employer, when the worker reaches retirement age, if the contract of employment contains a provision as defined in that name; 1. Subject to paragraphs 2, 3 and 4, a worker shall be entitled to benefits in the event of termination of his contract of employment if his contract of employment is terminated for a reason other than – (e) if the worker has refused to accept his transfer to another employment, unless his contract of employment requires him to accept such a transfer; or a service contract should actually be in writing….