Video Streaming Agreement

(d) Subject to the rights granted to Customer or expressly reserved by Customer referred to in paragraph (a) above, WPRNY retains all intellectual property rights, including copyrights, ideas, trademark rights and service mark rights, in materials developed by WPRNY or its subcontractors in connection with the Services. For the avoidance of doubt, WPRNY is not required to provide designs, documents, illustrations, raw videos, photos and project files, as well as audio/verbal scripts, including preliminary concepts, accepted or rejected elements, work in progress and finished materials created or provided by WPRNY in connection with the provision of services, and does not grant any rights the same. Ty Turner, the founder of the FlashFilm Academy and a veteran of the U.S. Army, has experience as a combat photographer and videographer. Create content under the most difficult conditions at the highest level of government. After his military career, he joined Corporate America and held positions at companies such as TGI Fridays, Texas Instruments and DELL. Where he was responsible not only for content creation, but also as an architect behind internal multimedia services to support marketing, social media and learning and development content. Later, he started his own production company, FlashFilm Media, which quickly became one of the most trusted production companies in the region. Collaboration with companies such as Raising Canes, Verizon, Toyota, PGA, KIA, Dr Pepper, Walmart, Google, Samsung and more! On the way to growing his business, he finds that there was no plan or resources for starting a content production business. The final accounts contain the remaining percentage of the initial total price, subject to a downward adjustment for each reduction in the agreed volume and subject to an upward adjustment for each agreed increase. The final invoice is due upon receipt and payable. Once you have paid the final invoice (and any other remaining invoices), we will provide you with the final video or photo file in. MOV or.

MP4 or jpg format (or any other format agreed in writing). (e) The Services generally do not include the collection or delivery of source files for individual components or elements contained in the final video or photos created by WPRNY for the customer. Where Customer requests delivery of such files, WPRNY reserves the right to make delivery conditional upon Payment of WPRNY`s fees and expenses by Customer on the basis of time and materials, which may include costs from WPRNY`s subcontractors. The use of individual components or elements (e.g.B. stick photos) by the customer may be subject to third-party licensing restrictions….