Paris Agreement Documentary

Al Gore`s documentary on global warming has spent several years and is well known about the geeks of climate change literature. Published in 2006, it was one of the triggers to raise awareness of global warming. Nearly 15 years later, many of the film`s observations are still relevant today. On the role of fossil fuels, the increase in CO2 emissions, scientific mechanisms, the information in this documentary remains very relevant today. In a Hollywood style, the film often focuses on a disastrous prospect for a long time. A sequel was published in 2016, including new information contained in the Paris agreement. Obviously, the documentary format has its advantages, because it is fun to be simply through and is very stimulating visually and sonorously… But it also has its drawbacks: it can be less exhaustive or more easily biased, because scientific facts can be misleading if they are disconnected from their context. “The purpose of the documentary is to share the science and data behind climate change, to set aside partisan policies and to highlight ambitious examples of Americans who have already put in place reasonable energy solutions to prevent global warming,” Oliver said.

“The film features the country`s future mayors and governors, environmental activists, municipal leaders and student activists, technology and energy visionaries, small entrepreneurs and climate scientists.” “Guardians of the Earth” shows the struggle for this monumental agreement from the perspective of key players as head of the UNFCCC, fossil fuel exporting countries and countries most vulnerable to climate change. This British documentary deals with the problems related to the causes and consequences of plastic pollution. While the American context is certainly different from that of Europe, this documentary sheds an interesting light on agricultural issues that are in fact far removed from the approximations and stereotypes often disseminated in reports on the subject. Last Call for the Bayou: Five Stories from Louisiana`s Disappearing Coastline (53 min. documentary, see trailer below) VENTURA, CALIF. – The remains of Stacy Hyatt`s residence after the Thomas fire, as in the… [+] Documentary, Paris to Pittsburgh. (RadicalMedia/Stacy Hyatt) After the fire (18 min. documentary, see the trailer below) Scientifically, not everything is always very reliable and some personalities are also challenged, but the documentary is a good entry point to imagine more sustainable futures. The film was the subject of a television sequel in 2018, with less success with audiences. The documentary series on the Netflix phenomenon consists of 8 episodes.

Each explores a different global ecosystem: from icebergs to jungles, oceans, deserts, forests, etc. In a statement to the press, Geoff Daniels, director of unscripted programming for National Geographic, said that “After Pittsburgh, Paris is studying the inspirational measures taken by communities across the country to address the serious health and economic threats of climate change.