School Franchise Agreement India

If you are reluctant to know whether buying a franchise is a smart decision or not, then we will tell you that it is indeed a smart decision to opt for a school franchise. Franchise School gives you reasons to start your own school by purchasing a school franchise in India: G. Personal. FRANCHISEE recruits, trains and supervises Center Site staff in accordance with the specifications set out in the manual. All employees employed by FRANCHISEE on the centre`s site must meet all requirements imposed by current legislation and franchiSOR as a condition of their employment on the centre`s site. All persons employed by FRANCHISEE who have access to confidential information, knowledge or know-how regarding the Kids `R`Kids system perform, at their sole discretion, a non-competition and confidentiality agreement in a satisfactory form for FRANCHISOR. FRANCHISEE is responsible to FRANCHISOR for any unauthorized disclosure by related companies, shareholders, directors, executives, employees or representatives, or any other person or entity that has access through FRANCHISEE. A franchisee may terminate a franchise agreement within seven days of the contract or payment of non-refundable money, depending on the previous date. When the franchisee chooses to exercise its cooling rights, it must be reimbursed within thirty days, net of the reasonable costs incurred by the franchisor. D. FRANCHISEE has filed an application with FRANCHISOR to operate a children`s centre “R” kids (the “Centre”) and is seeking a licence to operate a centre with commercial format, methods, specifications, standards, operational procedures, operational support, advertising services and common law and other licensed trademarks; and (5) FRANCHISEE at the beginning of the new lifespan pays FRANCHISOR, 10 per cent (10%) deductible fee Franchise fees at the time for new deductibles; and B. foundation bonds.

Prior to the opening and operation of a centre under the franchised commercial name of FRANCHISOR, FRANCHISEE executes, at FRANCHISEE`s expense, all the following points that continue to make commitments for the duration of the franchise agreement: an application for transfer of franchise agreement must be submitted in writing by the franchisee.