Service Level Agreement Blockchain

Mubeen, S., Asadollah, S.A., Papadopoulos, A.V., Ashjaei, M., Pei-Breivold, H., Behnam, M.: Management of Service Level Agreements for cloud services in iot: a systematic mapping study. Access IEEE 6, 30184-30207 (2017) Gill, S.S., Tuli, S., Xu, M., Singh, I., Singh, K.V., Lindsay, D., Tuli, S., Smirnova, D., Singh, M., Jain, U., et al.: Transformative Effects of Iot, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence on Cloud Computing: Evolution, Vision, Trends and Open Challenges. Internet of Things 8, 100118 (2019) Zhang, H., Ye, L., Shi, J., Tu, X., Guizani, M.: Checking the cloud service level agreement by an external auditor. Security and Communication Networks 7 (3), 492-502 (2014) As well as the automation of service level agreements for online services, the Stacktical platform can also change the way logistics service providers and third-party customers operate in a supply chain. This Amazon Managed Blockchain Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is a policy for using Amazon`s Managed Blockchain and applies separately to each account that uses blockchain managed. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this ALS and the terms of the AWS customer agreement or any other agreement with us regarding your use of our services (the “Contract”), the terms of this ALS apply, but only to the extent of such a conflict. The terms used in this agreement, but which are not defined here, have the meaning of the agreement. As we continue to enter MLM`s $9 billion online services business, we look forward to exploring several industry tables while rolling out our business in the years to come. Kochovski, P., Gec, S., Stankovski, V., Bajec, M., Drobintsev, P.D.: Trust Management in a blockchain-based fog calculation platform with trusted intelligent oracles. future. Mr. Gener. It`s Comput.

System. 101, 747-759 (2019) Stacktical helps online service providers automatically compensate customers for slowdowns, downtime and non-responsive customer support with DSLA, the Deralcentized Level-Token Service. Taherizadeh, S., Stankovski, V.: Dynamic multi-step rules for automatic scale of containerized applications. It`s Comput. J 62 (2), 174-197 (2019) Services Level Agreements (SLAs) are contractual technical agreements between the service provider and customers that guarantee the service provider`s obligation to perform and maintain an agreed quality of service (QoS) during the service delivery period.