Tampa Fire Rescue Collective Bargaining Agreement

TAMPA, Fla. (ots/IN) – After a two-year court battle, the city of Tampa couldn`t convince a judge to overturn the arbitration ruling that reseeded a Tampa Fire lieutenant fired for insubordination. The ATU Employee of the Month program was created as a result of a collaboration between Stephen Simon, President of ATU Local 1464, and City Council President Luis Viera. Our first ceremony took place on Thursday 3.10.19 at the City Council. This will continue every two months. The staff at ATU Local 1464 is rewarded for the hard work we do. Click above on “ATU Employees of the Month” for more information. Tampa Firefighters, who voted on the proposed contract last week, rejected it with 149 for the contract and 192 against, said Jace Kohan, secretary and treasurer of the International Association of Firefighters Local 754, which represents the city`s firefighters. Her mother had no way to go to the hospital herself, so she asked Johnson if she could drive with her daughter in the back of the rescue vehicle. Johnson refused to transport the mother and an argument broke out in tears for both the young patient and the mother. Johnson eventually told the mother that “if she wanted to go to the hospital, she had to get in the ambulance because they were leaving,” court records said. Kohan said union negotiators agreed not to raise the cost of living in the treaty, in exchange for so-called phased plan increases for about 300 qualified firefighters for increased reimbursement of tuition fees and other concessions. .

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